Rikkit Snapfang

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Rikkit Snapfang was a Skaven Warlord of Clan Mors who ruled Bonestash beneath Karak Angkul. [1a]

Many Warlords before him had attempted to breach and conquer the Dwarf hold above them. [1a]


He spent half of his warp-token treasury hiring weapon teams from Clan Skryre to assist his attack. but despite initial success his mercenaries were countered and killed by automated guns created by Klarak Bronzehammer. [1a]

His Skryre reinforcements were more than he had expected, and were led by the infamous Ikit Claw who took over most of the burrow to construct a Doomsphere. [1b] He fled the burrow to report to his masters, leaving Fangleader Frothrend as the highest ranking member of the clan. [1c]

Queek Headtaker, the feared Warlord of Clan Mors was sent to reclaim the burrow, the head of Rkkit mounted on his trophy rack. [1d]