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Roggen is a Knight of the Order of the Furrow of the Ghyrwood March.


Roggen is a heavy set man with powerful muscles and thick, tattooed arms which he usually bares from shoulder to elbow, showing off numerous serpentine scars. A similar scar bisects his right eye, and then vanishes within his thick beard. His bronze-coloured ironwood war-plate is decorated with curling vine motifs and sylvan faces whilst the tabard he wears is the colour of tree moss. His armour is completed by a helm crafted in the shape of a stag's head, complete with curved, thorn-like ­antlers.[1]

His mount, Harrow is a large demigryph. She is covered in brownish, shaggy fur and vibrant green feathers, protected by dark ironwood armour and is described by Zana Mathos as a "bloody great murder-cat".[1]


A devoted of Alarielle, Roggon hails from the Realm of Ghyran and for six years he has fought alongside the sell-sword Zana Mathos under the banner of Grungni who most recently tasked them with seeking out the Eight Lamentations. [1]

Having lost his hand in the search for the spear, he returned home in the hope that his order could regrow the lost limb. When they proved unable to do so, he enbarked on a quest from the Sylvaneth Branchwraith Bramble-Maiden who promised to regrow it if he retrieved a tainted axe from the Writhing Weald. In the wood he encountered and dueled with Feculus a Knight of the Order of the Fly and gained the friendship of the spirit Kryael, once known as the Knight of Evensong.[2]


A formidable warrior, he fights astride his demigryph Harrow, favouring sword and mace in close combat. His dark sword is made from the seedpod of a devourer plant and it cuts through metal as easily as it does wood.[1]


Friendly and calm, he is devoted to his goddess although he has traveled far in another's service. Despite her ferocious nature, he dotes on Harrow and he is slow to judge others, waiting to see them either prove their worth or otherwise. [1]


It is the nature of life, that the old ways must give way before the new. The realms cannot continue on as they are. Life itself is out of balance. So we must do what we can. All of us, from the greatest to the least. The foundations of victory are ever built on the heroism of little men.

~ Roggen.[1]