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The Roppsmenn were an ancient tribe of humans in the Time of Legends. [1a]

They were known for having curved swords and shaven heads. [1b]


Around 3 IC the Norsii under Cormac Bloodaxe sailed across the ocean and began to raid the settlements of the tribe , taking thw elders and women hostage. Cormac told those that remained that they required a seasons service for their safe return and so they joined his warriors in raiding the newly formed Empire beginning with the Udose. [1a]

Under Cormac, they killed Count Wolfila and his family and burned his castle. [1b]

Sigmar led a huge army in a war of retribution, defeating them at the Battle of Roskova under the Dragon Banner, killing nearly 3000 Roppsmenn warriors. Two further battles under the banner saw more slaughter and whole settlements were burned, their inhabitants killed. [1c]

The tribe was all but destroyed, the remnants fleeing north, many dying as the crossed the river that divided the empire from the unknown north. Less than a thousand survived, but Sigmar at last ceased his murderous pursuit. [1c]