Roque Santiago Delia Fortuna

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Roque Santiago Delia Fortuna was the Estalian Master of Arms of the Reivers Pirate company. [1]


A dark eyed and handsome man dressed in rich clothes, his long, straight, black hair falling like a veil down the sides of his cheeks to frame his wolfish face. He has a strong Estalian accent. [1a]


Born into the nobility, he rose to fame by making voyages of discovery to Araby and the Southlands before disappearing on a new expedition to Lustria. [1a] There he encountered the Slann.

Five years later, Captain Luka Silvaro discovered him as slave oarsman on an Arabyan corsair galley, he purchased him and Roque considered himself born again. [1d]

When the Vampire Emeric Gorge tried to drink his blood he was ill, vomiting it up and declaring that he had filth in his blood. [1c]

Fighting the Daemon-thing that Reyno Bloodlock he had been wounded and since that day had bad, prophetic dreams. [1d] He sought answers from a fortune telling witch at Aguilas, [1f] which would lead him to the wherabouts of the Butcher Ship - at anchor in a wide bay called the Golfo Naranja. [1g]

In the great aft hold of that ship he found a sarcophagus from Khemri, the source of the Curse but was taken over the amulet of the boy-king who sought vengeance and the lives to bring him back to life. He fought with Luka and was killed by Ymgrawl. [1h]


I will make allowances for the fact you are a stranger to the customs of Sartosa, friend Sesto. We seldom press with questions where questions are unwelcome. There’s not a man among us who hasn’t secrets he would not part with. That is, in fact, why many come here and make this reckless life their own.

~ Roque Santiago Delia Fortuna.[1b]


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