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Rygorn-Grimnir was a Fyreslayer Runefather who established a new Forge-temple in the belly of the Wyrd Engine. [1]


As a mere Runeson, Rygorn set out to claim the riches within the mythical walking continent – the Wyrd-Engine – he had seen that there was Ur-gold within it in a dream sent by Grimnar himself. The Ur-Gold was indeed found and a forge temple established, but their fyreslayers presence was still tenuous and no less than twelve of his sons were killed in defence of their fortress, their own ur-gold lost. [1]

As years passed, conflicts with the Skaven in particular continued and escalated with many arcane (and unreliable) weapons of devastation employed by the ratmen. Finally a last great assault was launched by the Grey Seer Reenik and a great battle ensued. However both armies were then engulfed by a mordant horde led by the Abhorrant Ghoul King Splinterblood and all were slain and consumed.