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Rygos is a Stormcast Eternal Liberator-Prime of the Knights Excelsior Stormhost.[1]

In the Time of Tribulations he and his Liberators destroyed a warband of Nurgle besieging the small settlement of Holmspear. They subsequently discovered that the mortals that had survived in the settlement were in the grasp of Nurgle and purged all within.[1]

His eyes are like shards of ice blue, without pupils or irises - he has been reforged many times.[1]


We will earn no prestige or honour this night. But a Knight Excelsior craves not such things. He seeks only to excel at the task for which he was forged – to destroy the servants of the Dark Gods, wherever they may be found. Whether they serve willingly or no. For the glory of Sigmar.

~Rygos .[1]