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Salzenmund is the capital city of Nordland and seat of its Elector Count, Theodoric Gausser.[1b ][2b] It is located east of the Silver Hills in central Nordland.[1a] The Old Forest Road connects Salzenmund to Middenheim.[2a]

Notable People

  • Theodoric Gausser lives in Salzenmund.[1b][2b]
  • Maximillian von Kirscheschlage is the Burgomeister of Salzenmund, handling its day-to-day affairs.[1c]
  • The High Priest of Salzenmund is Erich Granholm, who is a rival of the Ar-Ulric

Notable Features

  • Castle Salzenmund, seat of the Elector Count.[2b] It is built in the hills overlooking Salzenmund and has a very unique design: the approach to it is so narrow that it needs no curtain wall. It is nicknamed "Jutone's Nest" due to the fact that Salzenmund marked the western reaches of an ancient tribe known as the Was Jutones.[1b]
  • The Nordland Silversmith's Guild is responsible for some of the finest silverware in the Empire.[1b]
  • Salzemund has a notable Temple of Ulric. It is over 2000 years old. It is made entirely of wood and built in a unique hexagonal, three-storied design. Inside is a fire similar to the Eternal Flame of Middenheim.[1c]


  • The Was Jutones are not the same Jutones that Sigismund II conquered. They were in Westerland, and the Was Jutones seem to have lived in Nordland and Ostland.