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Saronovich was an Ataman of Kislev. [1]


He was assigned to an outpost in the foothills of the World's Edge Mountains which marked the border between the motherland and the Dwarf kingdoms. [1]

Several of his men found a lone girl, apparently alone and terrified, on a mountain path and brought her to their Ataman. She told him her name was Mara but little more except that there was a monster on the mountain and all would die - as the sun began to set, he had a tent made ready for her. [1]

That night he was awoken to a scream and rising found all his men dead, torn apart by the talons of some incredibly strong creature. He looked for Mara, hoping to protect her but was drawn to the sounds of fighting from the nearby woods. He found the girl alone amongst the dead but as she approached, she called out a warning - Behind You!. [1]

However, as he turned to fight the beast, he heard her speak once more before he died - I told you it was behind you.... [1]


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