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Sartosa in Total War Warhammer II

Sartosa is the largest island off the south coast of Luccini.


After the War of the Beard the High Elves left their colonies behind and first humans from the Tilean motherland settled there between the ruins.

The vampire Queen Neferata spent several centuries in the city (-1146 to -850 IC) before it was attacked by Khalida and she was forced to flee. During her time there she had a successful arrangement with a Dark Elf corsair, Megara to supply her with Tilean slaves in exchange for not raiding the city.[3a][3b][3c]

Settra and Khalida attacked the port in -850 IC searchinig for Neferata.[3b]

A combined force of Settra's undead host and the Dark Elves made landfall, enslaved or killed the entire population and destroyed the first human city of Sartosa in 451 IC. [4a]

Later Sartosa was inhabited by the Norse, who engaged in frequent raids against the fleets of Luccini. These raids were ultimately stopped when the merchant prince hired the pirates to fight against the predations of the Dark Elf and Arabyan corsairs who were active in the area.

This arrangement was soon ended when the forces of Jaffar of Araby began a protracted war against the nearby lands of Estalia. The Arabyan Corsairs capitalizing on the confusion in the region, where able to overthrow the Norsemen and take the island of Sartosa for themselves.

Later, with the war between Estalia and Araby ended, the combined forces of the merchant prince of Luccini, the Norsemen and pirate fleets defeated the Arabyan Corsairs still on Sartosa and took it for themselves.

In 2379, Corsairs from Karond Kar are shipwrecked near Sartosa, they join the crews of several vessels to raid Luccini and Remas but are later themselves enslaved by the pirates. [5a]


Today the island is ruled democratically, with a Pirate Prince periodically elected from among the captains of Sartosa. Though occupying the seat of highest authority, the Pirate Prince will only exercise his powers in the most extreme situations, preferring to allow the free-spirited culture of Sartosa to go unmolested unless a situation becomes too bloody. The current elected ruler of Sartosa is the notorious Pirate Princess. Her reputation for being ten times more cruel than any of her predecessors is no exaggeration, and she has been the longest lasting ruler to date.


  • Hole-In-By-The-Hill: Tavern in a cave above Peg Street owned by Grecco. [2a]
  • Peg Street [2a]
  • Temple to Stromfels: Once a place of worship to Myrmidia it is now a great temple to the God of the dangers of the sea and is covered in looted treasure. [1a]


Long Drong's Slayer Pirates started their career on the pirate island, Pirazzo's Lost Legion went back to the Old World via Sartosa and Bronzino's Galloper Guns as well as Braganza's Besiegers acted in one of Luccinis countless and frequent operations to suppress piracy on the island.

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