Sathphren Swiftblade

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Sathphren Swiftblade is a Stormcast Eternal, a Lord-Aquilor of the Hallowed Knights

He rides the gryph-charger Gwyllth.[1]


He and his Vanguard-Palladors were dispatched to the Realm of Shyish to find the ruins of Caddow, city of crows which housed the Corvine Gate – a Realmgate that linked the realm of Death with the Realm of Azyr.[1]

He formed an alliance with the Gazul-Zagaz, Duardin Dispossessed and they united against the Keeper of Secrets Amin'Hrith, the Soulflayer. He released the soul of their prince who it had captured in a ruby, allowing the the duardin rune-singers to raise the ghosts of the hero and his slain people to destroy the Greater Daemon. [1]

The Stormcast and the duardin then united to hold the Corvine gate against the beastmen that inhabited the ruins of the city of Caddow long enough for it to be opened and for reinforcements from Nordrath to arrive. [2a]


War is unpleasant, Gardus. That is why I take what small pleasure I can from it. Speaking of which - can't let your warriors have all the fun. Care to join me?

~ Sathphren to Gardus Steel Soul.[2b]