Saurus Warrior

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Saurus Warrior

Saurus Warriors are the main line infantry of the Lizardmen and the main defenders of their Temple-Cities. [1a]

Saurus are spawned from ancient pools constructed by the Old Ones. [3b]

Able to move quickly through the jungle through brute force alone and the thickness of their scaled hides. They can fight on even after suffering horrific wounds without a single sound of protest or apparent emotion. [3b]

Orders are issued by the greatest of the spawning - the Spawn Leader but if it is lost, another will receive the gift of the Old Ones and grow into the role. [3b]

Weapons and Equipment

Extremely dangerous, even when unarmed with muscular tails, sharp claws and powerful jaws they can use simple weapons with great effect favouring heavy clubs and obsidian tipped spears. [3b] Many weapons are made from the stone, Obsinite which is more durabe than steel and never rusts. Favoured weapons blessed by Skink Priests have gemstones or feather to attract the favor of the Old Ones. [3b]

  • 5th Edition: Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Spear. [1b]
  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Spear. May have Spawning Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer. May have Sacred Spawnings. [2a]
  • 8th Edition: Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Spear. May have Spawn Leader, Musician, Standard Bearer. [3c]




In all my years of reaving I have never fought anything like the cold-blooded men of Lustria. Their main troops, large bipedal man-lizards, are seemingly immune to pain. Time and again I have seen them fight to the last, pausing only to tug crossbow bolts from their thich hides.

~ Vincenzo Corenzo, Tilean Mercenary Captain.[3a]


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