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A Saurus Warrior

The Saurus are the warrior-caste of the Lizardmen. They were spawned by the Old Ones to act as the soldiers and guardians of their race. [1b]

Nota bene : In former edition, creature with similar shape simply named Lizardman served as front line in the Slann's armies[8a]. They share the fact they born by hatch in dark and wet place like caves[7a]. It's a secret to none that the author Nigel Stillman rewrote his Lizardmen giving them the Saurus fully inspired by the former Oldhammer's Lizarmen.


Saurus are large, reptilian warriors created or remolded by the Old Ones to be a powerfull force entirely combat dedicated [1a] [4a] [6a]. They are over eight feet in length from head to the tips of their tails[need citation], and are covered in thick scales which act as armour . They have large jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth and have large talons that allow them to maul an opponent and are powerful enough to break a mans arm. Bony crests protect their neck and heads whilst tough, thick scales armour their arms and back [1a] [4a] [6a].

It seems the Saurus body could live for thousands of years because some of the oldest ones named Kuraq and Kuraq Kaq could have lived for such a time. We cannot know for sure for a Saurus life goal is war and they always end in some fierce battle [4b]. Like all Lizardmen, the Saurus possess a cold, alien intelligence and are essentially without mercy. Pay attention for their single-minded focus on warfare and training should not be mistaken for stupidity [5b]. Indeed Saurus have not a very elaborate language but they understand perfectly tactic scheme and always Skinks follow their orders in battle [4a]. Reports depicted Saurus bands trapping their ennemies in perfectly timed ambushes with no need of talking [4b].

The Saurus have an instinctive grasp of warfare, and their bestial appearance belies their ability to enact perfectly timed manoeuvres [6a]- however, they can be quite savage in combat, raining multiple attacks on their unfortunate opponents in quick succession[3 'needs citation']. It sometimes requires a nearby Skink leader to restrain Saurus from pursuing targets to the detriment of their army's goals[needs citation'].


It is not clear if the Saurus were created on the world or brought with them but it is possible they already dwelt in the primaeval jungles when they arrived [1a] [6a]. In the first option, Saurus were bred by Old Ones from primitive crocodilian species that lived in the jungles [1b]. It is a possibility that they have been the first race the Old ones moulded before they began their work on the Elves. Nonetheless, Saurus provided the Old Ones with soldiers to guard their cities. [1a]

When the Old Ones first created the Saurus they were tasked with eradicating the races that did not form a part of the Great Plan and have wiped out entire species in this quest [6a]. [5a] However, despite many campaigns, the Saurus were never able to completely eradicate the Greenskins.

Notable Saurus

  • Chakax
  • Gor-Rok
  • Kroq : Among a generation, some individuals appears with one peculiar difference that makes of them natural leaders or heroes. Kroq is one of them and his huge maw and tough bone plates made of him one of the most fierce warrior of the Lizardmen[1d].
  • Kroq-Gar: Ancient Scar leader, Last defender of Xhol. Kroq-Gar is an ancient Saurus, possibly among the first spawned, as he was alive and active in the first major conflict between the Lizardmen and the forces of Chaos. Kroq-Gar is known and feared for his tactical prowess, having led vast armies of veteran Cold One Riders against the forces invading Albion, the site of an immensely powerful Lizardmen lode-stone. With the new city of Konquata under construction, and jungle spreading through the interior of Albion, Kroq-Gar has secured a strong holding point for the Lizardmen, and a place from where they can begin their own offensive. His duty done, he has since led his army back to Lustria.
  • Lotl Botl : Him and his Saurus legion are the wardens of the revered old mage priests from Xlanhuapec. The meaning of his name is "very hard" or close and is reknown for his ferocity and endlass hate towards any Lizardmen ennemy. He's a sort of celebrity among other Saurus[1d] .


Like all Lizardmen, Saurus are spawned fully formed from the Spawning Pools under a Temple-City [1b] [4a] [6a]. Unlike the Skinks Saurus's hatching do not happen very often so they can't be easily replaced [1b]. They emerge wet and dripping from the pools but within hours they will dry and their scales begin to harden, forming protective armour[needs citation] A group of Saurus who spawned together will often fight together as one unit[4a][6a].

Some spawnings produce specific abilities or traits in the Saurus and are regarded as blessings from the gods[1c][4c]. Recently Saurus have been spawned that instinctively know how to control and ride the Cold Ones - regarded as a blessing of Tzunki. [4a]



Most Saurus fight in large infantry blocks of Saurus Warriors. Those spawned with especially tough hides serve as Temple Guard, given sacred armour and designated to protect the Slann. Some Saurus are spawned with the instinctual ability to tame and ride Cold Ones into battle. These are referred to as Cold One Riders. [4a]

Lastly, those grizzled old Saurus who have survived many campaigns are known as Scar-Veterans and Oldbloods. [need citation] They serve as war-leaders and command the armies of the Lizardmen, often riding Carnosaurs. [5a]

Weapons and Equipment

Although they are averse to wearing chainmail or steel armour[need citation], they have scaly, tough hides et can have shield to enhance their protection [1e][4d][6b] Most of their weapons are made of Obsinite [5c] [6a]. While they simetime can bear spears, Saurus now favour maces in combat [4d] [6b] but they used to wield short swords back in time[1e].




In older editions of the tabletop game, Saurus could take special bonuses called "Sacred Spawnings"[4c] or Marks of the Gods[1b], representing a spawning of Saurus who had been blessed by a particular Old One, and typically had a particular colouration on their scales. The main difference lays between the fact that in 5th edition, only few individuals destined to become leaders of their hatch were marked while in 6th and later, the entire hatch was "sacred".


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