Saurus in the Mortal Realms

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Saurus are a type of powerful predatory Seraphon much larger and stronger than their Skink cousins and serve as infantry ,cavalry and even as the bodyguards of the Slann Starmasters.[1]


Saurus Oldbloods are veterans of many wars that act as generals in the Seraphon armies. With an innate understanding of Warfare they are master tacticians and are also among the deadliest of Seraphon, fighting with weapons of star-forged Celestite and tearing and rending with tooth and claw. [1a]

Oldbloods have such an aura of command that other Seraphon instinctually react to the will of the Oldblood. Those Seraphon close to the Oldblood are driven to a state of focused aggression creating a savage wave of Seraphon that fight with the disciplined fury of the Oldblood. [1a]


Eternity Wardens

Saurus Guard



Astrolith Bearers

Saurus Knights