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The Schwarzvolf, the Black Wolf [1i] were a northern tribe who most famous scion was Valkia the Bloody. [1a]

Battle Tactics

They formed a shield wall made up of the younger warriors and experienced women with the more powerful fighters then surging out from the line with jarring impact. [1d]

The Circle

The tribe was governed by seven elders including the chieftain, in council the Godspeaker sat at the chieftains right, the Warspeaker on the left. [1b]


  • Ammon: Warspeaker and long-time ally of Merroc. [1b]
  • Fydor: Godspeaker, shaman and doctor. [1b]
  • Kata: Shield-maiden. [1d]
  • Merroc: Chieftain and father of Valkia, [1a] he became leader at 16. [1b]
  • Radek: Fleet-footed scout and archer, said to have made dark pacts to boost his skills, [1b] later Warspeaker. [1f]


The tribe hunted game in the winter months, supplemented with dried meat preserved from the spring and summer, they also ate dried fruit and drank goat’s milk. [1f]

The Vale

In the summer, the tribe went to the Vale where food was plentiful, normally leaving in the winter as it was said long term exposure to the area could be dangerous. [1h]

Traditions and Beliefs

  • If something was too weak to be free, it was too weak to live. [1b]
  • Females did not usually enter battle until they had had at least one living child. [1a]
  • Although the tribesmen were happy to fight alongside their women, all female leaders of the tribe had been assassinated within days of taking up their role. [1c]
  • The tribe did not take slaves, but enemy women of breeding age and children would be taken into the tribe. [1e]
  • When preparing for battle, warriors slicked back their hair with animal fat and woad to remove a potential handhold. [1d]
  • Heavily mutated children were considered godtouched and left in the wilderness. [1h]
  • They had many legends about black furred or skinned animals as good omens - to be admired and revered. [1i]
  • Thirty years of age was considered old with few reaching that age. [1a]


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