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Scourge Privateers are aelven raiders and beast-slavers who sail the seas of the Mortal Realms in search of plunder and prey before returning to the Realm of Azyr.[1]


Aelven pirates of the Scourge have travelled the waterways of the Mortal Realms and hunted mighty sea monsters for generations. Some are dragged back to the free ports to be sold to pitmasters or curious wizards for a rich haul while others are slain and stripped of valuable materials. However the ambitious Fleetmasters of the Scourge chafe under the rule of Sigmar's servants and many disavow the rules of the God-King's new empire to pursue their own ends. While slavery is outlawed under Azyrite decree, loopholes are frequently exploited by fleetmasters. [2a]

Huge Black Arks, floating fortress-cities built on the shells and hides of marine behemoths carry raiding parties across the realms wrangling monsters for their organs or to serve as steeds or war beasts for the mighty of Azyrheim. The fleets of the Scourge consist of swift-moving frigates and wolfships while their land forces are comprised not only of aelf Corsairs but also enslaved war-beasts such as the fearsome Kharibdyss as well as the swift Scourgerunner Chariots, harpooning the unlucky prey. [1][2a]



Name Faction Unit Species Description
Vizrin Kyre Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf Fleetmaster of Hammerhal Aqsha and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Kraggua Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf Of the Seven Whispers. A Fleetmaster in the service of Zarkland Zenthe.
Dreiloch Nar Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf The Ravager-Queen of the Molten Spoil, sails the quicksilver oceans of the Realm of Chamon and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Oscus Scourge Privateers First Mate Aelf Former first mate to Arika Zenthe.
Sawfang Sakur Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf A corsair from the Realm of Ghur and a member of the Twilight Cabal.
Salekh Scourge Privateers Captain Aelf A corsair captain of a Scourge Wolfship of Anvilgard.
Arika Zenthe Scourge Privateers Fleetmaster Aelf The Fleetmaster of Excelsis and a friend of Hanniver Toll. She helped the city during the uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path.
Levrid Zenthe Scourge Privateers Noble Aelf With his sister Arika Zenthe he attempted to escape his father, but was sacrificed to provide him with another centuries life.
Zarkland Zenthe Scourge Privateers Black Ark Fleetmaster Aelf Fleetmaster of the Eternity of Torment, the father of Arika and Levri, and a member of the Twilight Cabal.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Black Ark Corsair M01.jpg
Black Ark Corsair Scourge Privateers Order Warscroll
Black Ark Fleetmaster M01.jpg
Black Ark Fleetmaster Scourge Privateers Order Warscroll
Kharibdyss M01.jpg
Kharibdyss Scourge Privateers Order Warscroll
Scourgerunner Chariot M01.jpg
Scourgerunner Chariot Scourge Privateers Order Warscroll
Once our kind ruled the waves. Not just in this once benighted corner of the realms, but across the infinite expanse of reality. We bowed to no one. We answered to neither gods nor kings. We took what we wanted – flesh, treasure and coin. When any rose to challenge the Scourge, they were butchered, their lands despoiled. Their children carried off into bondage. They feared us, those weaklings who huddle in their cities, praying to an uncaring god. They saw us in their darkest nightmares, and they paid tribute or felt our wrath.

~ Zarkland Zenthe to the Twilight Cabal.[3b]

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