Screaming Bell

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File:Screaming Bell.jpg
A Screaming Bell.

The Screaming Bell is an unholy war machine of the Skaven created by Clan Skryre.[1]

It is an unholy altar under the protection of the Horned Rat himself. The bell is hung in a great carriage where stands its chained striker.[1] A Grey Seer will mount the Screaming Bell and preach the will of the Horned Rat to the Skaven army assembled below. The Screaming Bell is also a constant and static part of the varied accounts of Skaven history. The Bell can always be heard over the raging din of a battle and often heralds the defeat of an enemy and the victory of the Skaven.[2]

It is usually pushed to battle by a unit of Clanrats, but if the Grey Seer is particularly favoured by the Council of Thirteen, then it may be escorted by a group of Stormvermin. Those who push the Screaming Bell not only make it mobile, but also are its defenders and will defend it to their deaths.Needs Citation

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