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Scyla, as shown in Champions of Chaos

Scyla Anfinngrim, the Spawn of Chaos is a Chaos Spawn who at one time was a Chaos warlord of Khorne who led a band of raiders in the northern coastal regions of The Empire. [1a]


He is reputed to be feared by the Kislevite merchants of Erengrad and a daring raid on the docklands of Lynsk is mentioned as a particular success. Scyla became the victim of his own success when the accumulation of gifts from his patron god resulted in a descent into spawnhood instead of an ascent to daemon princedom. [1a]

At first his body swelled with chitinous plates. This gift made him even more powerful, but it was the beginning of the end for Scyla. Within the year his head had grown elongated and reptilian and a beaked tail sprouted from his back. His limbs lost their clean human shape, becoming long, hairy, and ape-like. Soon he ... fell upon all fours like a beast ... becoming a Chaos Spawn. [1a]

Scyla's lieutenant One-Eyed Erlock became Khorne's champion and placed a collar of Khorne around the spawn's neck. Erlock led Scyla into battle. [1a]

Scyla was said to have fallen at the Gates of Kislev, the titanic battle that ended the Great War against Chaos. [1a]

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