Sea of Claws

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Southern coast of Sea of Claws

The Sea of Claws lies north of The Empire and south of Norsca bordered on the east by Kislev. [1a]

To the west it joins the Sea of Chaos and then the Great Ocean. It is known to be patrolled by a great number of Norse longships who make frequent raids on the coastal regions of Bretonnia, The Empire and Kislev. [1a]

Flora and Fauna

Many monsters lair beneath its depths. [1a]

Daggerfish and Grymmcrab live in large numbers in the sea and are harvested by fishermen. [1a]


In -1166 IC the ancient vampire turned pirate Ankhat was found on the sea by W'soran who threatened to drag him back to Nagashizzar if he did not tell him where Abhorash and Neferata were located - in exchange for being left alone, he did so. [2a]


The merchants of L'Anguille and Marienburg have fought over the trade routes that cross the sea for centuries. [1b]