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The Secret War began in IC -815 when Cyanathair (also known as Morghur, Lord of Skulls) invaded Athel Loren. It is known as the Secret War generally because it only occurred between the Wood Elves and Beastmen, with other races and nations seemingly unaware that it has been raging for thousands of years.[1]

It is speculated that only the ultimate destruction of either Cyanathair or Athel Loren itself will end the war. Cyanathair has been 'killed' several times by the Elves, once at the Battle of Anguish in IC -813 by Coeddil.[1][2] Once again, in IC 1137, he was slain by the ancient Treeman Durthu.[1] In IC 2007 he was pierced with one hundred arrows by the elf Scarloc and his scouts, with the final shot coming from Scarloc himself.[1][2] Most recently he was slain at the Battle of Arden by Araloth the Bold in 2246.[2] Each time however Cyanathair has been reborn into the world where he corrupts the landscape and rallies hordes of Beastmen to his cause. In IC 2522 Ariel believes that he rallies for yet another assault on Athel Loren.[1]

Naieth the Prophetess had a vision showing the death of Athel Loren in IC 2512. Ariel acted on this and directed the Elven nobles to begin hunting the Beastmen in the wider world. This vision implies that the death of Athel Loren will come about at the hands of the Beastmen and Cyanathair.[1]


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