Seguin Reynar

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Seguin Reynar is a Freeguild captain who led a group of deserters into the cursed city of Shadespire in search of plunder. [1]


He wears a duardin made hauberk and wields an Aqshian steel sword. [1a]


Born in Hammerhal, his mother was a fortune teller and his father a fence. [1e]

Seguin was a member of the Faithful Blades, stationed in Hammerhal Aqshy. [1c] He fought in the Twelve Day War and the Hexwood alongside a force of the Hallowed Knights, even recieving a commendation from their commander, Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Soul.[1b]

He deserted from the Freguild and lead a small group of former soldiers into Shadespire, the group included Utrecht, a hillsman for the Realm of Ghur, Kuzman, Dollac and Hakharty – a former drummer boy who had quickly become an accomplished killer. He and his men were chased for several days by Bloodreavers in the service of their chieftain, Isengrim and only Reynar and Utrecht survived to escape further into the city. [1a]


And I am Reynar. Seguin Reynar, son of no one, child of no place and bearer of nothing, save this sword. And I ask again - why did you bring me here? You say you wish to employ me - why?

~Seguin to Sadila Hausa.[1a]