Serpent Priestess

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A deadly Serpent Priestess.

Serpent Priestesses are position held by war devotees within the Amazon Sisterhood. These Amazon warrior mystics wield powerful magic and are knowledgeable in navigating the jungle. [1]


The nature of the Amazonian Sisterhood is largely unknown to outsiders, but it has been observed that particularly warlike devotees are referred to as 'Serpent Priestesses'. These warrior-mystics are potent magic wielders, and wise in the ways of the jungle. Any army that can count one as an ally is fortunate indeed. Serpent Priestesses are sometimes willing to work as mercenaries.

A Serpent Priestess is a native of of the dark depths of Lustria, and the jungles hold no peril for her.

Magic Items

  • Claw of the Old Ones - This mighty High Age weapon is deadly in the hands of those with the knowledge to call forth its power, granting the Priestess increased strength that bypasses armour.
  • Amulet of the Moons - This ancient symbol of the power of the Amazonian Sisterhood casts a silvery shimmer around the wearer, protecting her from harm.

Lore of the Serpent

  • Singing Wind - The Priestess calls to her the spirit of the divine wind, whipping the jungle into a frenzy and lashing her foes without mercy.
  • Serpent's Strength - Calling wildly to the ancients, the Priestess calls forth the strength of the jungle, its essence filling her with primal fury.
  • Wendala's Maelstrom - The Priestess is surrounded by a swirling tropical storm, the harsh winds protecting her from enemy shooting.
  • Shield of Thorns - Calling upon the very plants of the jungle to protect her, the Priestess is surrounded by a wall of writhing undergrowth.
  • The Living Jungle - In a whirl of graceful motion, the Priestess calls forth the denizens of the jungle, binding them to aid her against her foes.
  • Siren's Dream - The Priestess sings hauntingly, mesmerising all who hear her.


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