Seven Words

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The Seven Words is a fortress built into the summit of Gorkoman, the tallest mountain in the Realm of Ghur. [1]

Due to its height, all of the seven winds of magic blow strongly across it and a fortress has been built which incudes at its heart a dolmen of stone, runecraft and metal which binds the power of th wind of Azyr. It also boasts its own realmgate - the Azyr Gate. [1]


In the Age of Myth, people of many races would come to this place to contemplate the Mortal Realms, listening to the winds as they blew across the top of the mountain. [1]

Many have fought over and conqurered the fortress, from followers of Chaos to the warriors of Gorkamorka and many have left their mark on the throne room of the castle.[1]

In the Age of Sigmar only a chosen few from the Realm of Azyr come to use its unique properties to try to gain a military advantage. [1]



  • Azyr Gate: Realmgate. [1]
  • The Calefactory: Claimed as a barracks for the knights of the Bear-eaters, now cloaked with skins of animals and beastmen.[1]
  • Skybridge: A duardin crafted bridge arcs from the mountain to the peek of the next mountain. [1]
  • Throne Room: It has a great painted wall which proclaims the greatness of previous conqueres.[1]

Flora and fauna

  • Aetár: The great eagle-kin ride the clouds above.[1]