Seven of Salles

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The Seven of Salles, were a group of fearsome Grail Knights, who travelled the Old World hunting down and slaying Witches.


This band of Grail Knights all sipped from the sacred chalice that same day after slaying the Dragon Hallerung in the Fields of Salles. Thus their fates were bound together. It is said by some that at the completion of their great quest, the Lady of the Lake laid a new mission upon them - a quest so important and secret that the very destiny of Bretonnia and perhaps the Old World hinges upon it. Since then they have scattered all across the Old World on this mysterious quest. There are many theories concerning what they seek, but few facts. What is certain is that these Grail Knights have been hunting down and slaying witches. A Squire heard one of them demanding from his defeated opponent to reveal the location of the Hag's Eye. The meaning of this cryptic demand remains unclear.

Other bands of famous Knights

  • The Chevaliers de la Damoiselle de Guerre, were an elite band of Knights Errant who were part of Repanse de Lyonesse's army.