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A Shadow Warrior.

The Shadow Warriors are the descendants of loyalist Nagarythe Elves. Uncorrupted by the Cult of Pleasure they refused to follow Malekith during the Sundering, remaining loyal to Caledor I instead, and choosing Alith Anar, the Shadow King, as their leader.

After the civil war, the Shadow Warriors rejected most trappings of civilisation, adopting a nomadic way of life. Divided into several warbands and living mostly in the Shadowlands, they protect Ulthuan from the countless Dark Elf raids and serve as scouts for the High Elf armies.

They also wage a guerilla war in Naggaroth itself, ambushing Dark Elf patrols and raiding their villages.

The Shadow Warriors are merciless and ruthless, and as a result many of their High Elf brethren regard them with unease and even a bit of suspicion. Many whisper that the Shadow Warriors are "tainted by the Witch King", however, their hatred of the Dark Elves and their loyalty to the Phoenix throne are beyond doubt.

The Shadow Warriors worship mainly Loec and Lileath.


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