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Shadowblade, Master of Assassins is a Dark Elf Assassin. [1a][2a]

Shadowblade is a young elf, only 150 years old but he has already gained a legendary reputation - tales of his exploits being told as bed time stories or sung by minstrels in Naggaroth.[1a] [2a]


He once slaughtered the entire crew of a High Elf Hawkship, one by one over several days, leaving only the horribly mutilated captain alive to tell the tale. [1a][2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Two Hand Weapons, the Heart of Woe and a Potion of Strength. [1a]
  • Heart of Woe: A huge red ruby that pulses like a beating heart, should the wearer die it will explode into a thousand deadly shards. [1a]
  • Potion of Strength The heart of a Griffon and Troll Blood combined in a potent strength enhancing brew. [1a]


You thought you could insult the Hag Queen of the Witch Elves and live? Now look upon the face of Death.

~ Shadowblade to Lord Corvass.[1b]


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