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Shadowblades are acomplished killers that move through the realms like ghosts.[1]


Aelves have a long history of assassination, many finding grace in the art of the silent and swift kill. The Shadowblades are perhaps the culmination of these death artists and many speculate on their true nature. Some say they are from the Realm of Ulgu, others that they are divine gifts to Sigmar from another of his ancient pantheon.[1]

It is said that when Sigmar closed the Gates of Azyr during the Age of Chaos, he tasked the shadowblades with purging Azyrheim of corruption and the hidden cultists of the Chaos gods that his armies and priests could not find. For nearly a century did their blades cut away those who had fallen to the lure of the dark gods, from the humblest citizen to even a member of the Grand Conclave, leaving the corpses of the slain to hang at the crossroads of the grand districts.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Maleneth Witchblade Shadowblades Assassin Aelf Trained in the Temples of Khaine, she is now a agent of the Order of Azyr, currently accompaning Gotrek Gurnisson across the Mortal Realms, protecting the Master Rune embedded in his flesh.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Shadowblade M01.jpg
Assassin Shadowblades Order Warscroll
Dark Rider M01.jpg
Dark Rider Shadowblades Order Warscroll


These Shadow walkers slit a few throats and you soil yourselves like children.

They are just charlatan sorcerers, things of flesh and blood that can be crushed, cut and killed. We will crush these assassins just as we...........

~ Last words of Kurgoth, Chaos Champion. [1]


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