Siege of Jutonsryk

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Siege of Jutonsryk
Date 1 IC to 3 IC. [1b]
Location Jutonsryk, Wasteland. [1b]
Outcome Victory for allied armies.
Great Tribes Jutones
Sigmar Marius


Still engraged by his refusal to join the alliance against the greenskins at the Battle of Black Fire Pass, in the Spring of IC 1, Sigmar called a great muster against Marius. Warriors from all the allied tribes travelled to Reikdorf over the two months and a huge amount of food and weapons were prepared by Eoforth amd his staff with sacrifices and blessings by priests of Ulric and priesesses of Shallya. The last elements joined the army on the Jutone border where a great feast was held in honour of Shallya, Taal and Ulric. [1a]

Marius and the Jutones had spent the previous twenty years building and protecting a busy trade hub, constructing formidable walls and solid drum towers with a citadel of pale stone at the promontary's highest point. [1b]


Ships of the Endals attempted to blockade the harbour at the start of the siege but they were quickly sunk by the Jutone fleet whose warships maintained control of the estuary for the remainder of the siege. Expecting limited resistance, Sigmar's inital charge with ladders and grappling hooks was shattered by mercenary crossbowmen who killed several hundred attackers and the survivors were then driven off by Jutone axemen. [1b]

The besiegers settled in, digging trenches and bombarding the walls with catapults for the next seven months but made little impression on the soild walls. Several more assaults were repulsed before winter set in and Sigmar's army had to rely on supply convoys from Marburg and Reikdorf. [1b]

The spring brought several fleets of reinforcements with brightly clad dark skinned mercenaries taking their place in the defence. Midsummer finally saw a breach opened in the east wall but a charge by the Thuringians was stopped and then repulsed by pikemen enabling the damaged wall to be refortified. Although the catapults now focussed on the damaged section, a night raid burned a number of them, Sigmar killing the sentries who had failed him. As winter approached once more, Sigmar was resolute that the city would fall before the end of the year. [1b]

However, as a new assault was prepared a fresh escalade was launched by the Endals who destroyed six battering rams and seven siege towers. [1c] Finally after three more days bombardment by the catapults damaged the east wall enough that armoured walls could climb and fight through it. Many of the mercenary warriors sailed away at this point in the siege. Sigmar led all the remaining warriors with twenty five siege towers, hundreds of mantlets and dozens of scaling ladders whilst Count Otwin again led his warriors to the breach, the armies elite cavalry detachments preparing to counter any sally. [1d]

Although Sigmar and his warriors managed to take part of the wall and Count Otwin took the breach, the battle still hung in the balance. [1e] Sigmar fought his way to the gatehouse and then led the cavalry towards where Marius and his own lancers were striving to retake the breach, seeking to end the battle by defeating the Jutone leader himself. [1f] In the brutal skirmish that ensued, both of their horses were killed but finally Sigmar stood over Marius and prepared to kill him but he was stopped by Otwin, who took Ghal-Marz from him. Enraged, Sigmar attacked Otwin with his fists but the giant endured the blows until he could bring Sigmar to his senses. [1g]

Order of Battle

Allied Armies



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