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The Palace city of Sigmaron

Sigmaron is a city where the Stormcast Eternals are forged on the Anvil of Apotheosis.[1]

Sigmaron is a vast palace-city of ivory towers and golden aetherdomes, which has grown on the upper slopes of Mount Celestian. Ramparts and walkways spill across the crags, an unbroken ring of sigmarite and celestine connecting distant mountain peaks – which themselves are given over almost entirely to forges and workshops. [2a]

Great storms often vent their fury upon the aetherdomes and their energy is funnelled into the citadel’s forges whilst the rain is siphoned into the many gardens and groves scattered throughout the city. [2a]

Visitors include representatives from Azyrheim and the other great cities of the Realm of Azyr, including Starhold and Skydock. [2a]


It is home to thousands of mortals - many work in the vaults and gardens, while others are scribes or messengers, an honoured few are granted the honour of serving in the inner chambers of the palace, where Sigmar himself holds court. [2a]


  • The Garden of the Moon: A beautiful grove of huge silver trees and pale grasses that grow in their shadows. It was damaged in the aftermath of the Necroquake and had to be restored by Aelf treesingers. Stormcast Eternals often use it to practice their duelling skills as the plants enjoy their presence as the Stormcast are often vibrant with starlight which they drink in. [2c]
  • The Grand Library of Sigmaron.[1a]: One of the oldest structures in the city and it continues to grow with every passing century as the agents of the God-King scoured the Mortal Realms for esoteric knowledge. In the Halls of Illumination, twelve-thousand monks, of many races and some not even alive, work to record and transcribe this knowledge. The library proper is manned by Azure-robed priests and priestesses who stride silently through the great lines of shelves. Each wears a heavy record book marked with Sigendil chained to their bodies with which they keep track of which tomes were read, when and by whom and almost all are armed as libraries are dangerous places. Tiny starwyrms, little, winged reptiles nest in the high places of the library. [2a]
  • Orrery-bastions: These revolve eternally on the outer ring of the palace-city, each shrouded in a constant cascade of lightning from the skies above, the energy caught in the massive, oscillating rings, to be stretched and subsumed. Only those clad in blessed sigmarite can pierce the veil of lightning and enter safely. Inside each one is a Thunder-Gate, crafted by Grungni himself and able to teleport via lightning Stormcast Eternals from Sigmaron to the Sigmarabulum above. [2a]
  • The World-Wall: The highest of the many walls of the city and the closest one to Mallus. [2b]