Silver Nails

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Silver Nails
Silver Nails cover.jpg
Author(s) Jack Yeovil
Cover Artist Toni Deu
Released 2002, 2019
Pages 366
Preceded by Beasts in Velvet

Silver Nails is a series of stories by Jack Yeovil, the fourth and last in his series featuring the vampire Genevieve Dieudonne.


Silver Nails collects the following short stories

Cover Description

In the dark and dangerous Warhammer world, the ddesperate and teh depraved live hand in glove. In this anthology of stories reacquaint yourself with some of its more morally ambiguous denizens including 'Filthy' Harald Klendeinst and the scryer Rosanna Ophuls, Baron Johann von Mecklenberg, playwright and self confessed genius Detlef Sierck and of course, the vampire Genevieve.

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