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Sirion the Obsessed was a High Elf explorer and adventurer. [1a]


During the reign of Bel Shanaar, the second Phoenix King of the Elves, Sirion was one of a number of expeditions that sought to explore, map and colonise Lustria. Whilst others sought to establish a trading route or find hidden treasure, his quest was for knowledge secreted in the depths of the jungle. [1a]

A ship was outfitted, courtesy of his merchant kin and they set sail, arriving swiftly and entering the mouth of a mighty river, its shallow draught allowing to penetrate deeply into the mangroves before it ran aground. Although an attempt is made to try and drag it free, this is abandoned and the elves march inland, becoming prey to incessant insect bites. Crocodiles and a part of Skinks alike are killed by the powerful bows they retain until finally they reach a great Pyramid. [1a]

They make camp, several dying during the night from the bits and stings, and when they awaken, they spy a single skink playing pipes as the sun arises. One of the elves, somewhat delirious shoots and kills him before his greeting tune to the dawn can be completed. They begin to explore the great pyramid, one group finding many golden plaques but also in a chamber deep within, its walls lined with gold, what looks like a well. Sirion stepped forward to peer into the well as his men pry gold from the walls but then cries out in despair. [1a]

The elves begin to retreat but find that one of the exploring groups has been attacked by Lizardmen, as more and more Saurus arrive, the elves flee into the jungle. A few manage to reach their ship but find the guards gone and the vessel a rotting wreck - one of the officers orders a raft built from its remnants. Later as they lie dying on the raft, a golden plaque slips from Sirion’s hand into the river as he continues to proclaim a great trading post will be built. [1a]

Although no record remains of the expedition, it can be experienced via the Crystal Skull of Hoqzi-Poquz in the secret vaults of Tlaxtlan. [1a]


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