Sith Rionnasc'namishathir

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Sith Rionnasc'namishathir was a port city of the High Elves in what is now The Wasteland of the Old World [1a] and is now the name of the Elf Enclave in Marienburg. [1c]

The name of the city means Fortress of the Star-Gem on the Sandy Coast. [1b]


When the fortress was created, the land around it was lush and verdant, with many herds of Aurochs giant wild cattle providing a plentiful source of meat, indeed it was said that merely shooting an arrow into the air would provide a feast for a hundred. Peaceful trade continued with the Dwarfs who called the area - TiwazKatalhuyk, the Rest at Journey's End. [1a]

The city of Marienburg was built on the near vanished ruins of the Elven settlement, with the mighty city walls the Vloedmuur following the line of the old fortress wall. [1b]

When the High Elves returned to the Old World and set up an enclave in Marienburg, they called it by the same name as their ancient city. [1c]

As well as a thriving trading hub, the enclave serves as safe point of call for High Elf tourists, some of which never venture further, watching humanity from a distance. Finally it gives the Phoenix King a source of information on what is happening in the Old World. [1c]


It is entirely self-governing, enforcing its own laws and ruled by a council of the Lords of the eight clans itself headed by a Exarch who acts as the Viceroy of the Phoenix King. [1c]


The canals within the enclave are kept clean by Water Elementals which sweep rubbish and filth into the city proper - which is a source of irritation to the inhabitants of the latter. [1c]

  • Marienburg
    • Elfgate Bridge:[1c]
    • Gift of Tongues: Translation services. [1c]
    • Grand Circle Canal: Shops and Bistros and a park makes it a favourite for lovers to visit.[1c]
    • Hall of the Four Winds[1c]
    • Hall of Trade.[1c]
    • Priceless Friends: Pets and exotic animals. [1c]
    • Race the Winds: Shipyard. [1c]
    • Three of a Kind: Casino and Cabaret. [1c]


There are more than 700 Elves living in the enclave, spread across 8 Clans, each with its own sprawling mansion complex. Except for a few trusted major-domos, humans are not allowed to live in Sith Rionnasc and so workers arrive often before dawn and leave after dark.[1c]


Tuttut, dearboy. Our arrangement with the city is mutually beneficial. From Sith Rionnasc we maintain a protective eye on our forest kin who lack our experience and wisdom. As for Marienburg, our trade brings in quite a sum of money, and our wizards and mariners are well appreciated. We monopolise the New World trade, but that is our right

~ Clan Llianlach wavemaster.[1]


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