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Skabrand is an vast underground settlement of the Ogre Kingdoms. [1a]


When the Tyrant Bashar Zog approached the settlement, the Butchers of the tribes gathered there for the great snow feast consulted the Maw. They proclaimed to their Tyrants and tribes that they would either defeat Zog or die, there was no other path before them. [1c]

Maw of Skabrand

A hundred feet below the surface is a huge central chamber that contains a sacred representaion of the Great Maw - a huge sacrifical pit that whines with anticipation and hunger. The aspect that has formed her can give visions to the faithful and festivals anfd ceremonies held around it caused the growth of the settlement. [1b] The tribes left the settlement and marched [1d] to the foot of the nearby mountains where they stood and awaited the the enemy. [1e]

Zog marched on the settlement and when the tribes gathered there met him on the battlefield, he gave them a simple ultimation - serve him or die. [1f] When they refused to serve, he ordered his much larger force forward and the battle began yet as they began to gain the upper hand, a horde of Gorgers suddenly fell upon their rear ranks, ripping and devouring anything they could reach. Although Zog's Ogres and greenskins kept fighting for some time but eventualy the brutal pressure from two distinct sides was too much and the army broke and ran as the gorgers fell upon the fallen. [1g]


And now, it is time for all tribes' butchers to sit with us here and endure the visions to be seen within. and for the rest of you, it is time to feast, and make merry.

~ A Butcher at the Maw of Skabrand. [1b]


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