Skaldor Lotharksson

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Skaldor Lotharksson

Captain Skaldor Lotharksson is the Norse Dwarf commander of the Grund A Dum - the Hammer of Chaos. [1a]


A member of the Varrundi Clan, Skaldor fist went to sea as a Beardling, working up through the ranks. [1a]

Skaldor has served on vessels on escort duty as well as leading raids on norse tribes such as the Sarl and the Skaelings. [1a]

He gained the rank of captain and his own command in 2485 IC quickly gaining the nickname of the Reaver and attracting many Norse Dwarf Berserkers to his crew. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 4th: Knife, Leather Armour, Pistol, Rune Axe. [1a]
  • Rune Axe: His weapon is inscribed with Runes of Striking and Speed. [1a]


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