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This article is for the Pestilens clans of the Mortal Realms. For the Great Clan from the World-That-Was see: Clan Pestilens.
The Children of the Horned Rat take many forms, amongst the most foul of which are the Clans Pestilens. These zealous skaven are disciples of disease, foul harbingers of decay who hurl themselves into battle with frenzied ferocity. - Age of Sigmar faction guide

The Clans Pestilens are the clans of Skaven, the most foul of them, that worship the Great Horned Rat in it's aspect of the Great Corruptor. They are disciples of disease and foul harbingers of decay. During the Age of Sigmar these clans are allied to Nurgle's vast armies in it's assault of Ghyran, by gnawing at it's world-roots. And some of the first skaven clans to fight the Stormcast Eternals, in this case the Hallowed Knights. One of their leaders is the Verminlord Corruptor Vermalanx who seeks to exploit Nurgle's victories for his own purpose.[2][3][7]

Their objective is to not only see the Mortal Realms wither and decay in a holy, diseased crusade, but also to search for the Thirteen Great Plagues in the name of their god. They follow the gospel of the Great Corruptor, known as the Withered Word, a highly subjective and convoluted script written by frothing mad Plague Priests or whispered by lying Verminlords. This and the Skaven ability to creatively interpret instructions, has led to many violent schisms that ended with the clans splintering into new ones. The Word dictates that such splinters must happen in threes, so they find and single out rival churches to expel from the clan. Because of all of this they are often violent towards each other as to their enemies, fully believing that their shade of buboes or consistency of mucous is correct, while everything else is heresy. With a suitable cause they can come together to fight, usually a threat from a larger clan or under the orders of a Verminlord Corruptor. The Great Horned Rat greatly appreciates their struggle and the Clans desire his favour above all.[3][7]

Thirteen Great Plagues

For more information see: Thirteen Great Plagues

The Clans have searched for the Thirteen Great Plagues since the Age of Myth, when they learned of their existence from the Horned Rat himself. They follow Portents, visions and tales of monstrous diseases and have located seven of the sorcerous plagues.[8]


Their Virulent Processions are like rivers of filth, with skaven covered in matted fur, squealing, chittering voices, the peal of rusted belts and shrieked prayers to the Horned Rat. Behind these follows a smog that rots everything they touch. Those that do not flee are first targeted by sprays of diseased filth from the Plagueclaws, softening the enemy by spreading contagion and rotting their flesh. After hearing the screams of the sick and dying to the Skaven charge through the miasma. The land blackens underneath the footclaws of the Plague monks, the Plague Furnaces and Censer-Bearers spill their corrosive fumes. The Plague Priests screech exhortations to their Congregations of Filth while the Verminlord Corruptors lead the at the heart of the swarms. Only rat-gnawed corpses are left behind by the sweep of the Virulent Processions.[7]


There are many Clans Pestilens seeking to spread disease and corruption throughout the Mortal Realms and within each clan there are hundreds of Churches of Contagion.[3]

The known clans include:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kratsik of the Red Boil Skaven Pestilens Plague Priest Skaven His Virulent Procession was overun and destroyed near the start of the Age of Sigmar by Stormcast Eternals and Sylvaneth.
Rhaspfang Skaven Pestilens Pontifex-Pestilent Skaven He infected the breeding stock of Master Moulder Skhorj of Clan Ghrubbitus but then disappeared.
Rotfang Skaven Pestilens Plague Priest Skaven The Archchanter of Pustulance, is an infamous Skaven Plague Priest of the Clan Morbidus. He is fanatically devoted to the Great Horned Rat, driven heartless and self-interested as a skaven can be as well as a master of plague brewing that has created concoctions so potent that it overcame the immunity of his fellow Plague Priests, using it to kill entire conclaves of his rivals.
Pestifrious Skaven Pestilens Verminlord Corruptor Skaven After Stormcast Eternals purge Rotstump Warren in the Jade Kingdom of Veridian, he vows vengeance on the warriors of Sigmar.
Sepskrik the Foul Skaven Pestilens Verminlord Corruptor Skaven Infamous for inflicting some of the most deadily plagues upon the Mortal Realms.
Threxiphane the Malignificant Skaven Pestilens Verminlord Corruptor Skaven He climbed the Vinecoil, through spore-storms and tore the living heart from the Jade Kingdom of Eyshir.
Vermalanx Skaven Pestilens Verminlord Corruptor Skaven At the beginning of the Age of Chaos his coven of thirteen Plague Priests performed a hideous ritual that rotted the very reality of the Vitreous Vale.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Plague Censer Bearer M01.jpg
Plague Censer Bearer Skaven Pestilens Chaos Warscroll
Plague Furnace M01.jpg
Plague Furnace Skaven Pestilens Chaos Warscroll
Plague Monk M01.jpg
Plague Monk Skaven Pestilens Chaos Warscroll
Plague Priest M01.jpg
Plague Priest Skaven Pestilens Chaos Warscroll
Plagueclaw M01.jpg
Plagueclaw Skaven Pestilens Chaos Warscroll
Verminlord Corruptor M01.jpg
Verminlord Corruptor Skaven Pestilens Chaos Warscroll


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