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5 Skavenslaves with slings.

Skavenslaves, sometimes called Clanrat Slaves, form the very bottom rank of society in the hierarchy of the Skaven Clans. They occupy a cruel and miserable position, but an essential one, for Skaven society is run by their unceasing labor. They carry out all menial labor, including mining, tunneling and food production.

The slave class is made up of Skaven born into bondage, along with the remnants of a fallen Skaven clan enslaved by the victorious rival, and even non-Skaven. During wartime they are put to use as expendable cannon fodder, driven to the fore of an assault, mainly to absorb enemy fire or to tire the foe before the "real" attack. If some of them manage to take down a few of the enemy, this is considered a bonus.[1][2]