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Two Skinks, armed with short-bows, searching for their prey.

Skinks are a smaller race of Lizardmen, weaker and possessing less martial prowess than the larger Saurus.[2a]

Skinks were created by the Old Ones, perhaps from giant newts,[1b] not for fighting but to assist the Slann and work as architects, diplomats, interpreters, scribes etc. Some Skinks are gifted with magical power and become Skink Priests. They are weaker than the Saurus and are spawned in larger numbers, their ability to work in teams and quicker wits making them essential as the main workforce for the Old Ones and later the Slann. [1a][2a]

Perhaps due to their heritage, they are equally at home in the water. [1b]


A few rare Skinks possess the ability to use magic but since the rise of Sotek this has increased and now each spawning has some with prophetic and shamanic abilities. These special skinks bear the mark of Sotek. [1b]


Skinks breed in the swamps designated as spawning grounds by the Old Ones with vast numbers of hatchlings emerging every few years. [1b]

On occasion, a Skink is spawned alone - these will be either mighty heroes, special attendants, priests or prophets. [2a]

Great Crested Skinks

Some skinks are born with a huge crest and are larger, stronger than others of their kind. They are believed to be marked out by the gods and ride Cold Ones. [1c]


Skinks are swift and stealthy, making them excellent hunters and scouts. [2a]

Some Skinks who gain enough experience in combat become Skink Braves, they are good warriors, quite capable of leading an entire regiment of Skinks. They are distinguished by having a bronze ring on top of their crests. Skinks with even more experience become Skink Chiefs, great tacticians and warriors, who are capable of leading an entire Lizardmen army in the name of Old Ones.

Skinks marked by the Old One Sotek with his red mark are more warlike than others.

They are more likely to fight with poisoned Blowpipes or Javelins than with hand-to-hand weapons. Sometimes - especially in the Southlands - Skinks also utilize short-bows. Generally Skinks prefer - if forced to - to fight as skirmishers. When they form rank-and-file regiments, they are often accompanied by Kroxigors. Some Skinks drive Salamanders and Razordons into battle, ride on flying Terradons or on a palanquin on the back of a giant Stegadon. A very special breed of Skinks are the so-called Chameleon Skinks, which are even more sneaky than the average Skink.

Unlike the Saurus, the Skinks are quite volatile in battle - moving from reckless audacity to panic and then forgetting the experience just as quickly as they regroup to attack again. [1b]

Notable Skink

  • Oxyotl
  • Tehenhauin
  • Ten-Zlati, The Oracle, The word of the Old Ones: Lord Kroak's oracle advisor and the most powerful skink priest to be ever taught by Lord Kroak. He has learned some of the most powerful spells available.
  • Tetto'eko, Astromancer of the Constellations, The Beholder: Tetto'eko is the Chief Astromancer of the Temple of the Eclipse in Tlaxtlan. At over a century old, he is very ancient for a Skink, yet his mind is still keen and inquisitive. He is responsible for the upkeep of many artifacts including his prized treasure, The Eye of the Old Ones.
  • Tiktaq'to




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