Skink in the Mortal Realms

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Skinks are nimble and clever Seraphon serving in a wide array of positions, from simple Skirmishers to Spellcasters.


While chest-high to most men they are dangerous fighters that can easily match their mortal counterparts, excelling at coordinated attacks and by working in perfect unison skink cohorts strike at weak spots of the enemy or overwhelm unprepared targets. Unlike their Saurus cousins, skinks often seek to use their cunning to achieve victory and seek out hidden pitfalls and aspects of the battlefield they can use to their advantage. In greater numbers they grow even deadlier with the light of their weapons burning brighter as they are fueled by the celestial essence of the skinks.[1a]

Some carry meteoric javelins and star-bucklers, some shoot forth crackling projectiles from boltspitters, and others fight up close with moonstone clubs.[1a]

Skink cohorts are often lead by powerful Skink Alphas.[3]

These Skinks can act as rider or crew for a wide variety of mounts:


Skink Oracles ride to battle on huge blind beasts known as Troglodons that use their venomous tongues to sense their prey. Oracles are gifted with a measure of a Slann's foresight and can sense magic like others see shadows on the sky or feel a breeze on their face. Armed with a Divining Rod which is used to unravel the magic unleashed by the enemy, Skink Oracles protect fellow Seraphon from the sorcery of the enemy in the midst of battle while the Troglodon uses its deadly spittle to destroy enemies at a distance or with its venomous bite and clawed forelimbs up close.[1b][9][10]


Skink Starseers are the greatest Skink Spellcasters and are only second to the Slann in arcane matters among the Seraphon. They are attuned to the Slann than other Seraphon allowing them to understand a portion of the plan against the Chaos Gods. Unlike the Slann, Skin Starseers are more aware of the present, their minds unclouded by the fragmented memories of the aeons making them useful as guides that find missing pieces of the Seraphon's past and finding forgotten truths. Potent Starseers are even able to travel far from their masters while retaining a measure of his power, allowing them to lead Seraphon armies without the presence of Slann Starmasters. Skink Starseers can shape Celestite and Star-Stone from which Seraphon weapons are created. Bending these celestial materials to their will, they create palanquins that not only carry them to battle but also enhance their already formidable astromagical abilities. [1b]


Gifted with an intellect far beyond that of mortals, Skinks perform Azyrite star-rituals to subtly alter the outcome of a battle. Clad in a cloak woven from the feathers of star-eagles, Skink priests are armed with powerful star-stone staffs that unleash bolts of searing starbolts. [1b][11]




Name Faction Unit Species Description
Maq'uat Seraphon Skink Priest Skink A Skink starpriest in the service of Lord Xuatamos who in the Time of Tribulations took up the role of his master.
Takatakk Seraphon Skink Priest Skink Skink priest in the service of Lord Kurkori, representing his cunning in the Dreaming Constellation.
Taktak'rillo Seraphon Skink Priest Skink The favourite Skink of Lord Xen'phantica, although he has been slain many times, he is always brought back by his master.