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Skjold is the capital of the Bjornling and the seat of their king Ulfric Grondal. [1a]

It is spread across a clifftop on the Eldagrimm Gulf on the Bjornling Coast and is a rowdy place but one that does tolerate or even welcome foreigners who have something to offer. [1a]


  • Hafskael's Yard: Home and workplace of master shipwright Hafskael, builder of some of the finest longships in Norsca. [1a]
  • Hornborg's Chandlery, Flotsam and Jetsam: A sprawling shop built from several ships hulls owned and run by Ketil Hornburg, a Norse Dwarf. [1a]
  • Kings Hall: Defended by a wooden stockade it is a tall building, its doors inscribed with beautiful cravings of longships at sea. [1a]
  • Seafarer's Shrine: An echoing seacave where many dieties and heroes of the sea are paid respect to including Bloodwrack, Manann, Mermedus, Odrall, Stromfels and Tzunki. They are tended to by the shaman, Urska. [1a]


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