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Skraekual was an elderly Skaven grey Seer who was sent on a secret mission with Thanquol. [1]


He cultivated the appearance of a drug addled, pot bellied Skaven. his snout partially eaten away and his limbs, stick thin, his whole body reeking of warpstone. [1a]


He had part of his nose bitten off by an over-enthusiastic breeder. [1c]

Seerlord Kritislik dispatched him on a secret mission with fellow seer Thanqoul, they were apparently to assist in the assault on Karak Angkul, with Skraekual possing as the others assistant, although he was in charge. [1a] He was introduced to Kaskitt Steelgrin and his fellow skaven of Clan Skryre who found him an amusing specticle [1a]- although Thanquol did warn the Warlock Engineer that he was more powerful than he appeared, and was perhaps a spy of Warplord Morskittar himself. [1b]

Skraekual had spent months magically scrying and creating a map of the skaven settlement of Festerhole, which had predated Bonestash which now lurked beneath Karak Angkul. He knew that the preserved hand of Grey Lord Vecteek was still there, taken there by the Grey Seer Thratsnik long ago. [1c]

Although Skraekual managed to reach the chamber of the dead seer and recover the Hand, he was then found by Thanqoul and during a magical duel, the other Seers Rat Ogre bodyguard pulls off Skraekuals head. [1c]


The Horned One will provide-give when it is time. Only fool-meat hurries to find trouble.

~ Skraekual to Thanquol .[1a]