Skritch Spiteclaw

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Skritch Spiteclaw miniature.

Skritch Spiteclaw is a Skaven Warlord that leads Spiteclaw's Swarm in the cursed city of Shadespire. He searches the city with his murderous and spiteful band of Skaven in search of trinkets, artefacts and a escape route from the cursed city.[1]


Quick-quick, sacrifice yourself for your master, for he must escape to fight again. Yes. Yes-yes. Well done.

~Skritch Spiteclaw.[2a]

Skitch is pleased, yes he is. No floggings for rat-filth this night.

~Skritch Spiteclaw.[2b]

You must kill-slay the big one with the hammer, yes-yes. Skritch will observe from here.

~Skritch Spiteclaw.[2c]

Look-look, those foolish man-things blunder straight into my trap.

~Skritch Spiteclaw.[2d]

Skritch's plans are coming together, yes-yes they are.

~Skritch Spiteclaw.[2e]