Skullfiend Tribe

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Skullfiend tribesman

Skullfiend Tribe is a Khorne Bloodbound Warhorde originating from the Realm of Ghur that honour their God by scything the heads from all on their path, creating battlefields littered only by headless corpses and strong odour of death. Led by Lord Skardrax the Slayer it is among the largest of Bloodbound warhordes alongside the Goretide.[2c][3b]


Together with their allies they fought the Astral Templars and a Seraphon host over the Seven Stones of Rhael in the Stovinyan Shadowforest.[1]

Later they took part in the Korghos Khul rampaging on the Ashlands a region of the Sub-Realm of Aqshy called the Flameworlds[2a] and his subsequent attack on the daemons and seraphon armies on the Orb Infernia.[2b]

During the Soul Wars a portion of the Skullfiend tribe joined the Chaos forces invading the Realm of Shyish to halt the rising tide of the undead. They joined the ongoing Hallost Campaign and were nearly buried in waves of malignant spirits but fought their way free and joining with the Blood Legion known as the Reapers of Vengeance they achieved the greatest of Khorne’s military successes during the Soul Wars.[3a][3b]