Slann in the Mortal Realms

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A Slann Starmaster.

A dozen Slann gathered in Azyr and formed a telepathic council which lasted for centuries, perfecting their plans to destroy the Dark Gods and their dominion. After they had finished they prepared to conjure their Seraphon armies and start a new phase of their great war.[1]

Having no need to use them, but seeing the importance of the Realmgates to the forces of Chaos, they weave spells that change the alignment of many gateways altering their destination forever.[1]

The Slann observe the Stormcast Eternals and the first wave of devestating assaults, whilst they make no formal pacts with Sigmar, both share the same the same foes and often cooperate towards their destruction.[1]

During one of the perfect alignments of the stars of Azyr, the Slann and their Seraphon hosts battle and destroy a dozen champions of Chaos.[1]

His mind, it was so vast, like nothing I have ever witnessed… his mind is a sun, and we but orbit it. His mind is as clockwork, built not of mortal matter but something else… he has played out this very moment a thousand times across a thousand years, honing it, pruning away those possibilities which displease him.

~ Lord-Relictor Sekar on the Slann Starmaster, Lord Kurkori. [2]


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