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Titles Shaper of Ore
Domains Metalworking and the Refining of Ore
Type Ancestor God
Affiliation Dwarfs
Relatives Valaya(mother)
Symbols Anvil

Smednir the Shaper of Ore is a lesser Ancestor God of the Dwarves. [1a]

A son of Grungni and Valaya, he taught his younger brother Thungni the skills of metalworking and craftsmanship and they made many fabulous rune-weapons for both the other ancestor gods and also the early Dwarf kings. One of their creations was the legendary Ghal-Maraz. [1a]


  • Never knowingly produce an object that is less than you could make. [1a]
  • Do not make a weapon or create armour for a non-dwarf who has not proved their loyalty and friendship. [1a]
  • Only work with tools that you yourself have made. [1a]
  • Maintain your tools.[1a]


A bare-armed, powerfully muscled Dwarf wearing a leather apron, his beard braided in a single plait thrown over one shoulder away from the flames of the forge. In his right hand he holds the rune-hammer Azulokrid (Metal Crafter). [1a]


Dwarves in the Old World and Norsca worship him and most workshops have at least one shrine to Smednir whilst every dwarf hold in the Old World has an altar to him. Only adult dwarves may enter the cult and they must have proved themselves as skilled craftsmen before they do so. The cult is on friendly terms with those of the other Ancestor Gods and is hostile towards enemies of the Dwarf race. Priests will usually ensure that their beard is in a single braid to honour the god. [1a]

The turn of the year is a major festival day for the god - marking the completion of old work and the start of new. [1a]