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Nightlord Sneek is the Clanlord of Clan Eshin and a member of the Council of Thirteen.[1a]


He has long nails that have not been trimmed or gnawed since he gained a seat on the Council, each painted with characters in the language of Cathay. [1a]


The Council decided to launch an attack on the High Elves, under pressure for the perceived avoidance of attacking the elves, Sneek suggested that the attack be made initially on an isolated fortress, the citadel of Calith on the southern tip of Cathay. [2a]


Buried deep under Skavenblight, it was constructed like many Eshin strongholds by Dwarf slaves. His audience chamber is a dark and spacious chamber with a raised dais on which his throne sits, carved from musky-scented wood covered in dragons and devils, warpstone braziers light part of it but leave the seat in deep shadow. [1a]


I will look into this, Thanquol. If you have spoken true, I will have the traitor's spleen in my hand. If you are trying to trick me, Deathmaster Snikch will bring me your spleen instead.

~Sneek to Thanquol.[1a]