Snotling Pump Wagon

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A Snotling Pump Wagon

A Snotling Pump Wagon is built by Snotlings as an imitation of larger greenskin chariots. It consists of a wooden fighting platform powered by frantically pumping Snotlings. It has enough momentum to move, crush and pierce any enemies (or clumsy Snotling crew) unfortunate enough to fall beneath it.[1]

Quite how the Snotlings create a Pump Wagon is a mystery. Swarms of the little greenskins forage around the settlement stealing anything that looks vaguely useful and is unguarded is immediately seized for the project. Once the supply of junk is large enough the Snotlings set upon it with hammers and ropes. From the bickering mass of hammering greenskins emerges a Snotling Pump Wagon.[2]