Sons of Mallus

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A Liberator of the Sons of Mallus.

The Sons of Malus are a Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals, wearing black armor. The Sons of Mallus were forged under the zenith of darksome span of Dharroth, the Dark Moon. Their armour is a lustrous black.[1]

The stronghold of the Sons of Mallus resembles a monolithic keep, imbued with not much subtlety as the flat hammer-surface of Ghal Maraz.[4]


  • Lord-Celestant Gaius Greel: A giant among giants with eyes like chips of obsidian flecked with silver [3]
  • Sora: A female warrior with close-cropped silver hair and bright blue eyes, the friendliest of the Iron-sides, though that wasn’t saying much.[3]