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Type God
Affiliation Lizardmen

Sotek is the Lizardmen God of the Skinks. [1a]


A vast serpent which devours rats, even able to swallow the Horned Rat himself and digest him for a thousand years. [1a]


Sotek was originally a minor god of the Skinks, and considered an upstart, new diety. [1a]

The Prophecy of Sotek

The last of the first generation Slann passed on having inscribed the Great Plan onto gold tablets, one of these would become known as the Prophecy of Sotek and was kept in the Temple-city of Chaqua. It warned of the destruction of the Polar Warp Gates and even the invasion of Lustria by the Skaven. It further stated that the god Sotek would manifest, heralded in the sky by appearance in the sky of the forked serpent. Sotek would then prevail over the ratmen. The Slann of Chaqua considered that he was a Old One who would appear at the appointed time to save his followers. [1a]

When plagues began to propagate in their city, the same Slann examined the plaque at length, sending cohorts to capture skaven for sacrifice to attract the attention of the serpent god. However the plagues swept through the ranks of the Mage Piests following the ritual and those of other cities did not understand the omens that were appearing. [1a]

It was a red crested skink, Tehenhauin‎ who rallied his people, proclaiming himself as the Prophet of Sotek and leading them out of the devastated city. He gained many followers and sacrificed captured skaven to gain the attention of his god, who had been building his power for years before he finally manifested. [1a]

Following the Battle of Gwakmol Crater, Tehenhauin‎ sacrificed thousands of skaven so that the river Amazon ran red with their blood and a host of snakes infested the burrows of the skaven. The Lizardmen drove Clan Pestilens into retreat with the Plague Lords making a final stand at Quetza before fighting their way to the coast where the god Sotek appeared on Fuming Serpent Island and dove into the sea to chase all the way to the Southlands. He then continued down into the earth and is said to still devour those skaven he finds. [1a]


New temples were then consecrated to Sotek in every temple-city with the cult becoming pre-eminent amongst the Lizardmen both in Lustria and the Southlands. The city of Zlatlan is contantly under threat from the under empire and it is Sotek that has protected it from a full onslaught by the ratmen. [1a]



At the time of the three hundredth cycle of this world, the two moons shall unite and summon forth the rodent god and his evil spawn to deliver plague and pestilence upon the land named Lustria.

~ Extract from the Prophecy of Sotek.[2a]

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