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Soulblight vampires are powerful undead creatures who are a curse upon the living and who hunger endlessly for fresh blood.


All vampires can trace their lineage back to Neferata who drank Nagash's blood, becoming immortal as she desired but also like her blood-children she became ever subject to his will.[8]

Soulblight Vampires have everlasting, inhuman strength and insatiable lust for blood with countless kings and queens across the Mortal Realms bearing this "curse". Many are blood children of the Mortarch's Neferata and Mannfred von Carstein who on their behalf build empires and carry out plots, schemes, wars. Some seek to forge their own place in the dangerous hierarchy of the dead, [1] with those of Neferata's bloodline tending towards at least a semblance of civilisation and those of Mannfred's likely to be macabre and treating mortals as cattle.[8]

Soulblight vampires often have dark magical power enabling them to control and raise the dead up to and including Zombie Dragons. Some ride to war as Blood Knights clad in heavy plate armour whilst others glide into battle upon coven thrones, sipping the blood of mortals, surrounded by clouds of servile spirits and beautiful handmaidens. Some are driven mad by the curse and form the dreaded Flesh-eater Courts.[1] They can vary as much in appearance as they do in nature - some are decadent courtiers or deadily knights (or even both!), on the Parching Wastes in the Realm of Aqshy ash vampires are skeletally thin and pale with knife like claws whereas the tribal chieftans of the Realm of Ghur are huge and hairy befanged monsters.[10]

The Bloodlines from the World-that-Was are still part of the nature of the various vampires. There are four of them, each of them with a specific affinity:[5]

  • Dragon Warriors with superior combat skills.[5]
  • Lords of Night with the ability to more easily influence their minions.[5]
  • Necromantic with the ability to cause fear and superior wizardry.[5]
  • Swift Death with superior speed and agility.[5]

Some vampires become obsessed completely by the consumption of blood, seeking always the perfect taste of mortal blood and become known as Sanguinarchs. Some take to the battlefield on Bloodseeker Palanquins to sample the blood of those they consider worthy but others live within mortal cities or temples, manipulating their hosts bloodlines to provide the perfect blend. When a Sanguinarch goes to war, she is often accompanied by a cloud of banshees - who may have been in life, rivals or chosen victims and who now slice their creators prey to fill her challice. [10]

Vargheists are monstrous bestial vampires who are often kept to the shadows of their kin's court but none can deny their power on the battlefield. Many vampires fear that should they be deprived of blood they will become a Vargheist. [8] Bats, large and small also carry the curse with Fell Bats being some of the larger breeds that can be found. When they descend to battle they are often accompanied by lesser Bat Swarms.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Adhema Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A daughter of the lost land of Szandor, a kingdom in the western part of the Realm of Shyish, one of a thousand noble orphans who Neferata sent to be trained by The Blood Dragon to continue the fight against Chaos.
Ahalaset Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A Queen that ruled the city of Mortannis during the Age of Chaos and the early part of the Age of Sigmar.
Dessina Avaranthe Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A powerful warrior and the first born of a noble family who was transformed into a vampire in the Age of Myth
Aylessa Soulblight Vampire Queen Vampire Consort of the Blood Queen. One of the blood sisters of Cyssandra and Yessanna, from her sailing castle she ruled over the Nightlands and the River of Souls. Was hastening to aid Neferata when her lands were invaded by the Ironjawz Megaboss Dakkbad Grotkicker.
Cyssandra Soulblight Vampire Queen Vampire One of the blood sisters of Aylessa and Yessanna.
Doyenne Dalvia Soulblight Sanguinarch Vampire A powerful and influential vampire dwelling in the city of Hammerhal, an agent of Neferata.
Emalia Grimsour Soulblight Vampire Author Vampire A courtier, gossip and author in Nulahmia, she made infamous the evening that Neferata and Acrius Kope, the Gallant of Glymmsforge spent together.
Harrowghiest Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire Once a member of Mannfred's household guard, he now seeks to sway other vampires to join his army, including those of Neferata's get.
Giraldus Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A lord and scholar who had continued to fight against the forces of Chaos through the Age of Chaos and into the Age of Sigmar.
Nagra Halorecht‎‎ Soulblight Vampire Noble Vampire A centuries old Soulblight vampire who headed House Halorecht in Nulahmia
Evered Halorecht‎‎ Soulblight Vampire Noble Vampire A young Soulblight vampire and heir to House Halorecht in Nulahmia.
Mathas Hellezan Soulblight Vampire Thrall Vampire In the Age of Myth, a rebellious mortal noble of Nulahmia transformed into a vampire by Neferata herself following the Culling of the Firstborn.
Helvir Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A vampire in the service of Queen Neferata.
Harkdron Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire Queen Neferata assigned him command of her armies defending Nulahmia, not expecting him to win, but rather buy her time to escape.
Jedefor Soulblight Vampire Captain Vampire Captain of the guard at the Palace of Seven Vultures in Nulahmia in the Age of Myth
Kemsit Soulblight Neferata's Attendant Vampire Appearing as the "merest wisp of a youth", she attended Neferata on hunts into the Cobweb Forest, served as shield bearer in her wars against Chaos and as a spy. She was slain by Lord Harkdron, her heart replaced with a sigmarite hammer to try and prevent resurrection.
Markus Soulblight Monk Vampire A Restful Brother of the Order of Final Rest;
Mereneth Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A handmaiden of and favoured spy for Queen Neferata, she accompanied her to Mortannis to attend the Dance of the Skulls.
Naaima Soulblight Neferata's Handmaiden Vampire A handmaiden of Queen Neferata, who she also served in the World-that-Was.
Nagen Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire He ruled the city of Nachtwache during the early part of the Age of Sigmar.
Raia Soulblight Vampire Spymaster Vampire Spymaster to the Mortarch of Blood in the Age of Myth.
Karya Treveign Soulblight Vampire Noble Vampire A young Soulblight vampire who rules House Treveign in Nulahmia.
Vorst Treveign Soulblight Vampire Noble Vampire A Soulblight vampire who ruled House Treveign in Nulahmia.
Varkos Varactyr Soulblight Vampire Corsair Vampire A vampire corsair who commands a fleet of spectral galleons and for thousands of years raided the Realm of Aqshy spreading death for Nagash whilst also filling his rotting holds with plunder.
Venzor Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire A lieutenant of the Mortarch of Sacrament, in the Age of Sigmar he was dispatched by Arkhan to act as regent of the northern quarter of Nulahmia
Prince Vhordrai Soulblight Lord of the Crimson Keep Vampire A Blood Knight and the Lord of the Crimson Keep, a spectral fortress in which his spirit is bound as punishment for his attempts to assassinate the Grand Necromancer.
The Blood Dragon Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire He is said to be the finest warrior Shyish has ever seen, Queen Neferata coaxed him down to school Adhema and many other daughters of lands invaded by Chaos in the arts of war.
Vinhela the Ever-Thirsting Soulblight Sanguinarch Vampire She leads a blood crusade against the Daemons of Slaanesh who have invaded the Innerlands of the Realm of Shyish.
Yessanna Soulblight Vampire Queen Vampire One of the blood sisters of Aylessa and Cyssandra.
Zhlatomir Soulblight Vampire Lord Vampire Zhlatomir the Unholy created a great city of bone but it was overthrown by the skaven swarm of Lord Hakkrit of Clan Fang.
Shordemaire Soulblight Prince Vhordrai's Mount Zombie Dragon The zombie dragon mount of the famed Blood Knight Prince Vhordrai.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Bat Swarm M01 AoS.jpg
Bat Swarm Soulblight Death Warscroll
Blood Knight M01.jpg
Blood Knight Soulblight Death Warscroll
Bloodseeker Palanquin M01.jpg
Bloodseeker Palanquin Soulblight Death Warscroll
Coven Throne M01.jpg
Coven Throne Soulblight Death Warscroll
Fell Bat M01.jpg
Fell Bat Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vhordrai M01.jpg
Prince Vhordrai Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vampire Lord M04.jpg
Vampire Lord Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon M01.jpg
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vargheist M01.jpg
Vargheist Soulblight Death Warscroll

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