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Amin'Hrith is a Keeper of Secrets, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh.

It has tempted many mortals into damnation in its various schemes. [1]


It took the name Soulflayer after the Battle of the Winter Grove, in which it slew over a hundred Wood Elves. [1]

It did not take part in the attack on Karak Vlag, although it did witness the Dwarf army of Anarbarziz on the surface of a golden mirror in the Palace of Pleasure. Knowing that Slaanesh intended for all of the dawi of the hold to be enslaved, the Daemon began the Hunt of the Vlagians with the ambush in the Bloody Spires. [1]

However although bloodied, the Dwarfs were victorious forcing Amin'Hrith to ally with the Lord of Change the Eldritch Watcher, promising to assist it against its own enemies. They attacked the fortress of Ar Anrak where they the survivors of Karak Vlag had found refuge, intending to march to Karak Kadrin. [1]

Ar Anrak fell to the massed daemons with the survivors fleeing into the wilderness. This led to the Battle of Death Canyon, which saw the deaths of the last Dwarfs of Karak Vlag. [1]

Weapons and Equipment

It created a long, five headed whip from the flayed skins of a hundred Wood Elves slain at the Battle of the Winter Grove. [1]


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