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Soul-Pods are the seeds from which new Sylvaneth are born and where their spirits go upon their death. Some are living extrusions of Alarielle's reams, loves and hopes and some are an eternal echo of the World-that-Was.[1]

They come in a vast variety of different forms – some are huge verdant trees whilst others seeds cloaked in razor sharp thorns and diaphanous wings. Soulpods have been seen that resemble clouds of magical spores, probing, stretching roots and multi-coloured fungal orbs. [1]

Sylvaneth enclaves all have a soulpod grove at their heart – they must if they are to survive but not even Alarielle herself knows what will emerge from a soulpod, they are as capricious and beautiful as the goddess herself. Branchwyches are protectors of each glades soulpod groves – they also harvest and gather the lamentiri - the life echoes of fallen sylvaneth so that they can be planted anew in the groves within the pods.[1]